3 Insights on Stylish and Functional Bathroom Decor

15 inspirational modern bathroom design ideas for your home | Architecture  & Design

When creating a stylish yet functional home, bathroom décor might be one of the biggest challenges. Usually, there’s not plenty of space, let alone specific conditions – humidity, changing temperature, lack of natural light. Still, interior designers notice that a modern bathroom isn’t about trendy decorations. As with any other room, it’s about quality household details that turn out to be part of the harmonious and sustainable décor too. Read on and find 3 insights on functional and stylish bathroom decor.

1. Well-Thought-Out Window Treatments

Not every bathroom has windows, but if there are – take your time to look into the options. The main task here is to create a desired level of privacy while still letting enough natural light in. Once again, you shouldn’t forget a relatively high humidity level, which usually challenges most. Good news – even with high humidity, there are functional yet stylish ways to cover the windows. For instance, innovative minimalist design impregnated modern roller blinds. By the way, blinds could be mounted outside too. It’s a perfect choice for attic bathrooms. 

2. High-Quality Bathroom Essentials

Modern bathroom essentials – towels, toilet paper storage, soap dispensers, wastebasket, cosmetics organisers, a mat, etc. – are part of your bathroom décor. That said, you should choose even minor details responsibly. Think of sustainable, high-quality accessories that complement each other and the whole environment. Consider the colour palette and try to stick to the plan.

Daily used products (shampoo, soap, hand cream, etc.) could be a part of a unique interior too. You might’ve noticed that innovative companies invest in sustainable, subtle and minimalistic, or playful and bright packaging. Creative or simply pleasant packaging and quality ingredients – a combination that complements bathrooms of any interior.

3. Stylish Storage Solutions

Finally, think of smart and stylish storage solutions. And not necessarily usual under-sink, wall or mirror cabinets. In fact, those are perfect for household items you don’t want to display. However, regarding décor, it’s worth looking into open shelving ideas (especially when there’s not much space). If there’s some spare space, you could use it for a minimalist bathroom ladder. Again, the final image you get depends on quality materials and solid design.

Seems like bathroom décor is about well-thought-out essentials, quality furniture and equipment. Get modern impregnated roller blinds, a bathroom mat of unique patterns or textures and install open shelving for perfume, magazines and a few plants. Then, you won’t need to think of non-functional decorations.

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