3 ways to update your bathroom for hosting holiday gatherings – Home Improvement Blogs

3 ways to update your bathroom for hosting holiday gatherings – Home Improvement Blogs

(BPT) – If you’re getting ready to host friends and family for the holidays, there’s plenty of preparation that needs to be done before they arrive. In addition to holiday decorating and cleaning, this is a great time to do any necessary home improvements and upgrades.

One area of your home you should consider updating in preparation for the holiday season is your bathroom. Your bathroom is a high-traffic area on any given day and even more so when hosting holiday gatherings.

Give your guests and yourself the gift of an elevated bathroom experience that you can enjoy now and into the new year. Check out these three ways you can update your bathroom this holiday season.

1. Upgrade your experience with a bidet toilet seat for elevated comfort

Over the last few years, bidets have become more popular in the U.S. They are a hygienic addition to your bathroom and give a touch of luxury. You don’t have to buy and install a stand-alone bidet, which can be expensive and time-consuming. Instead, opt for a bidet toilet seat that you can easily install on your existing toilet.

For example, the C3-230 bidet toilet seat brings the freshness of personal cleansing and elevated comfort to your bathroom. The slim, low-profile design fits most elongated toilets for simple installation. Also, you won’t have to worry about upkeep, as the self-cleaning stainless-steel wand uses UV light for automatic cleaning.

Your guests will appreciate the heated seats and adjustable settings, including water temperature and pressure, seat temperature and air drying. A built-in nightlight illuminates the bowl, helping guests use the bathroom at night.

2. Spend less time cleaning with a continuous cleaning toilet

Cleaning is a chore that doesn’t seem to end, especially when hosting people for the holidays. Spend less time cleaning and more time entertaining by upgrading your bathroom with a continuous cleaning toilet.

A continuous cleaning toilet like the Cimarron ContinuousClean ST system simplifies your bathroom cleaning routine. This two-piece toilet cleans your toilet with every flush, keeping it cleaner five times longer than traditional toilets.

Paired with KOHLER Revolution 360 flushing technology, ContinuousClean ST raises toilet cleanliness to a new level. As a bonus, the chair-height toilet makes sitting down and standing up easier for most adults, increasing comfort.

3. Impress your guests with a multifunctional showerhead

Showers aren’t just for getting clean. They can be a luxurious way to start the day or relax after a day of festivities. A simple way to elevate your shower experience and impress guests is to install a multifunctional showerhead.

Turn your shower into the ultimate spa-like experience with the Awaken 2-1 Combo multifunction shower combo kit. The shower head and handheld shower head offer three spray settings to suit anyone’s mood and need, including a targeted spray for massaging sore muscles. Combined with a rotating rail, this showerhead can be easily adjusted for everyone’s use. For eco-conscious hosts and guests, the pause feature temporarily stops water flow to conserve water while you lather, shave or shampoo.

These are just three ways you can upgrade your bathroom in preparation for the holiday season. For more ideas on how you can elevate your bathroom, visit Kohler.com.


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