8 Great Reasons to Invest in New Fiberglass Windows

8 Great Reasons to Invest in New Fiberglass Windows

Pella Fiberglass Windows with Black frames in a kitchen

Windows perform so many important functions for your home—from giving you great views and bringing in sunlight, to providing fresh air and keeping your property safe and secure. So, when it’s time to get yours replaced, it pays to consider one of the most popular styles—fiberglass windows. 

Fiberglass windows outperform vinyl and wood in many ways! Here’s a closer look at how they create the attractive style and lasting results you’ll value for your house.

8 Ways Fiberglass Windows Benefit You

1. Trusted Durability  

Since your windows provide a barrier against moisture intrusion, you want to select replacements that are built to last. Fiberglass is much stronger than vinyl and wood, with a makeup that doesn’t rot, corrode, warp or easily crack; and it stands up beautifully against harsh weather like the Detroit area can experience.

2. Easy Care 

Fiberglass windows from Pella are truly low maintenance, needing little upkeep over the years. It holds paint better than wood, and doesn’t fade like vinyl, so your windows will continue to look attractive for years. This saves you time and money—a real win-win!

3. Energy Efficiency 

Fiberglass doesn’t expand and contract the way wood and vinyl do—and that decreased movement means your windows stay in place better, preventing drafts and providing better insulation value. This can save you as much as 30% on your monthly energy bill, and you’ll enjoy more consistent temperatures in your home and greater indoor comfort year-round.

4. Lovely Views 

Because Pella fiberglass is so durable and resilient, it produces windows that have sleek, thin frames that complement a home’s architecture. And those thin frames mean you get larger glass panes—bringing in soothing natural lighting and allowing you to enjoy the view of your landscaping more easily.

5. Smooth, Secure Operation 

Windows that open and close easily are a delight, aren’t they? That’s one feature homeowners love about new fiberglass windows! They’re simple to use, clean and lock. Their elegant hardware not only looks great but offers added protection against break-ins too, giving you peace of mind.  

6. Versatile Designs 

Because fiberglass is both flexible and strong, it’s easy for window makers to use it to create a wide variety of sizes and shapes. So, if you want specialty designs such as expansive picture windows, transoms above your front door, and more—fiberglass windows can do it all.

7. Noise Reduction 

Fiberglass windowpanes and frames offer an added layer of sound protection to your home. You’ll have less of the annoying street noises that can sneak in through old, worn, single-pane windows.

8. Long-Lasting Value 

With their strength, simple maintenance and resistance to wear, fiberglass windows can last up to 80 years—giving you great value and a strong return on your investment! New windows boost your enjoyment of your home while you live there, and are appealing to homebuyers when you decide to sell.

Get Peace of Mind with Gorgeous New Fiberglass Windows from Our Pro Team

New windows can totally transform your home—and the right windows installed by the right team will make all the difference in your satisfaction long after the replacement is done. That’s why our team recommends Pella fiberglass windows for homeowners in the greater Detroit, Ann Arbor, and Rochester Hills areas. Pella windows are made to last, and you’ll love their curb appeal, high-end performance, and lasting value.

Discover what Pella fiberglass windows can do for your home, and set up a free consultation to learn more about what it’s like to work with our experts. We’re here to answer your questions and give you great results that make you proud of your home.

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