Benefits of Playing on Indoor Tennis Courts » Residence Style

Benefits of Playing on Indoor Tennis Courts » Residence Style

Tennis is a popular year-round sport that can be played both indoors and outdoors. It might seem enticing to play tennis outdoors when the weather starts getting warm up. Alternatively, the weather getting colder doesn’t mean putting away the tennis racket. While tennis is generally an outdoor game, it can be played on an indoor court.

The interesting thing is this game is notably different based on the surface and weather while playing indoors or outdoors. There’re many benefits of playing on indoor tennis courts that can change the game. The following are a few of the benefits of considering playing indoor tennis.


Playing tennis at an outdoor court is not only about fighting your opponent but also about weather elements. This sport is playable in very light rain, but heavy rain is an obvious showstopper because wet courts become too slippery to play. Additionally, it’s difficult to play with a wet tennis ball.

If you play on a windy court, it severely affects the game and its strategy. It’s because wind impacts how the ball moves across the court. Though high schools and college competitions often take place in such climates and players are trained to play matches. However, recreational gamers play tennis for fun and swirly wind condition can be challenging for them to continue gaming. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about wind, snow and rain while playing tennis on an indoor court.

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Low Humidity and Climate Consistency

If you’re playing tennis indoors at a colder time, the humidity is possibly low. In this condition, the tennis ball will generally fly more making the game faster and you’ll also hit harder.

Outdoor tennis matches during the hot summer are very difficult.  High humidity impact the players and the court’s conditions. They get sweaty and if it’s humid, sweating often can’t reduce heat effectively. Whereas, since most indoor tennis courts are climate-controlled, it is pleasure to play in humid and hot conditions. Direct sunlight can also hinder a player’s game so playing indoors helps to get rid of this situation easily.

In addition, not all outdoor tennis courts have the proper lighting in the evening. Thankfully, indoor facilities have no issues so you can play any time. If still needed, many indoor courts’ roofs are covered with translucent PVC fabric. The covered tennis courts

protect you from rough weather and you can deliver a better game.

Faster Speed

Indoor tennis is famous for being a faster game than outdoor. The artificial surface and lack of wind eliminate the risk of ball bounces, allowing the players to be more accurate. So if you’re playing tennis indoors, this aspect can affect your gaming strategy and your strokes.

Play For Long

In an indoor court, you don’t need to worry about heat, rain or snow. It means you can spend more time in the court comparing to the time you could spend on an outdoor court. That’s the biggest advantage when you have a tournament coming and you need to practice a lot without thinking about time.

Court Reservation and Availableness

Most outdoor tennis courts works on the first come first serve principle. Therefore, it can be frustrating if you come to book for a court and find out all have been reserved already. But indoor tennis facilities work on a scheduled basis, meaning players can book the court in advance.  It becomes easier to know when the court is available so you can make a reservation and you don’t have to wait for the court to open up.

Clean Facility and Service

Benefits of Playing on Indoor Tennis Courts 1

Maintenance is very crucial for dedicated tennis players. Whether privately or publicly owned, indoor tennis facilities are always maintained professionally. Courts and nets are cleaned and surfaces are taken care of on a daily basis.

Especially if the court is constructed for multi-sports, it needs to be cleaned more. For example, the basketball court construction for playing both tennis and basketball comes in different dimensions. So keeping the surface well-maintained is important for good playing.

Meet Other Players

An indoor tennis court has 6-10 courts. So, it’s a great gathering place for many tennis players whom you can meet and share common interests. After all, tennis is a social sport and helps you make new friends in the court.

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