Best White Elephant Gifts – JENRON DESIGNS

Best White Elephant Gifts JENRON DESIGNS

Best White Elephant Gifts JENRON DESIGNS

Sharing 20 of the Best White Elephant Gifts for your holiday season! Sometimes we all just need a good holiday chuckle.

This season I decided instead of a boring old basic vanilla gift guide, I would share my complete, off the wall, VERY inappropriate wacky side of gift giving by sharing 20 of the Best White Elephant Gifts for your holiday season. So be warned, this is not for the faint of heart, or easily offended, but sometimes we all just need a good holiday chuckle, and with 2-day AMAZON prime you can get these right now to fill your naughty list recipients!

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        1. T-REX TACO HOLDER– Making Taco Tuesday even more fun with a T-Rex taco holder! Now if that does not say White Elephant gift I don’t know what does! Who does not want a Dino taco holder.
        2. TORTILLA BLANKET-  This is just funny, has other varieties like the pizza, waffle and pie to match your recipients tastes. Ah nothing says winter warmth like a burrito by the fire.
        3. THE MUG WITH HOOP- okay so this is fun a way to play with your food, like mini oyster crackers in your soup, or marshmallows in your cocoa. Either way it is going to be fun to play with your food.
        4. THE INFAMOUS DAMMIT DOLL- Is your day going badly, well there is nothing like pulling one of these babies out of your desk drawer and just beating the snot of out of it to bring you some instant relief. Unless you are a schoolteacher, then you might want to wait until after class, LOL!
        5. BEER MITTENS- This might be the hit of the party; I have a feeling that the guys might fight over these! And honesty these are pretty cool, I mean beer mittens that hold your beer for you, come on, those are pretty cool especially for tailgating at football games!
        6. BOB ROSS BOBBLEHEAD– This is a bobble that talks, in the voice of Bob himself, you can hear all about Happy Trees and Happy Clouds until your heart’s content.
        7. MOOSE MASTER GAMEis the perfect card game for adults, teens, and kids who are into games that keep you laughing while trying to outsmart your friends. 
        8. SNARKY CAT CALENDAR- Even though nobody uses a wall calendar anymore, don’t you just want a snarky feline staring at you day in and day out? I mean it makes every office complete, especially if they can not be there to lay on top of your keyboard.
        9. 101 POOPING PUPPY PUZZLE- So, in my neighborhood we have a huge issue with people walking their dogs and not picking up the poo. Which in turn made me immediately think of this puzzle. Since it is always a hot topic of discussion and so puzzling as to why people do it, LOL!
        10. ADULT MAD LIBS- I guess the name says it all, ADULT and if you played Mad libs as a kid, you already know where this is headed.
        11. MAGIC 8 BALL– this is perfect gift for that person that lacks decision making skills in your life. Just one shake of the eight ball and all your indecision is left behind, I mean it couldn’t be worse than any other decision, right?
        12. 101 POOP POEMS- While we are on this topic, I also really found the Dr. Deuce poems to be rather fun, for all age groups. I remember when my nephews went through the poo & fart phase, so I imagine this would be a big hit with that age group.
        13. ARE THERE GOD? IT’S ME MARGARITA- Is a cute knock-off title book and companion to Tequila Mockingbird in the bartender recipe books. It makes a cute gift set for a hobby bartender. Paired with a nice bottle of Mezcal or Tequila.
        14. FUNNY COASTERS- Sending a passive aggressive message to that OCD friend or family member? These drink coasters will surely hit the mark with their cheeky comments to reinforce that good drinking behavior.
        15. DON’T BE A TWATOPOTAMUS WINE GLASS– If you need a custom glass for those coasters, this wine glass line has some funny ones. You know the song about wanting a Hippopotamus for Christmas? Well make sure you behave, or you might wind up with this gift instead. I am not going to lie, I have a few people in mind for these! They also have a dinosaur version as well for your favorite boozy T-rex lover.
        16. HUMPING ANIMALS COLORING BOOK- apparently this was the number one seller last year, go figure? Just make sure it does not get mixed in with your kids coloring books or you will have a lot of explaining to do.
        17. RUB MY BUTT APRON- this makes a great gift for the “grill master” or “smoker king” to wear while they are fixing the BBQ, which is always a year-round event.
        18. 50 WAY TO EAT COCK– Some people are natural born chefs and really enjoy getting new recipe books during the holidays so they can try new things. I am just saying, this one might meet the criteria for your holiday party White Elephant Gift this year.
        19. BALLSY BALL WASH- yep I went there, because this kept showing up in my Facebook algorithm all last year and I could not figure out why. I later discovered at a White Elephant holiday party that one of our neighbors had purchased this same set!
        20. SHOW OFF SOCKS– These are just awful, inappropriate and funny at the same time. While I am horrified; I am pretty sure these are a top seller for Dirty Christmas and White Elephant Gifts on the site, which just tells you something about society in general, and let’s face it we all know someone that deserves a pair of these.


So, whether you choose to go with the just slightly naughty gift ideas or the full blown “Dirty” Christmas ideas, it is completely up to you. JENRON DESIGNS does not take any responsibility for your gift giving choices as they are your own. However, we do hope that this post has brought a chuckle to you during this holiday season as it was all meant in good fun. 

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White Elephant Christmas Gift Guide JENRON DESIGNS

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