Checkerboard Floors in Different Styles

Instead of the classic black and white checkered color palette, this kitchen features a brown and white tile pattern. It complements the rustic style kitchen and gives the room a charming accent floor.

A chic style mudroom that features light blue cabinetry and gray and white tile floors. The gray and white color palette created a more minimal look.

Smaller tiles can help improve the flow of a room. it’s easier to have the tile floor connect to the shower for a seamless look. Add fun colored tile like the green checkered flooring above.

The size of the checker pattern can transform a space. A larger tile will make a smaller room look bigger.

Checkerboard flooring and tiles have been seen in art and pottery dating back to 1500 B.C. Throughout the centuries, the style has been utilized in different structures including in ancient Rome and Egyptian hieroglyphics. Today, the trending pattern is a wardrobe staple and a classic flooring for modern designs. Checkerboard patterns don’t just stop at interior design. It also expands to fashion and home decor. You can see the trending print at some of your favorite brands and being worn by your favorite celebrities.