Decorating A Bedroom Wall + Where Most Go Wrong


Design Considerations For Decorating A Bedroom Wall

For a lot of our clients, work + life can be demanding so their bedroom is often a safe space, a sanctuary of sorts. A place to recharge. 

Each of our clients has a unique take on the functional necessities of their space (as they should) but one commonality, in general, is that bedrooms make for a very personal space in their homes.

When considering how to decorate a bedroom wall, we’re not merely looking at “what can we stick on the wall” to make this bare or unfinished thing go away 🙂 

What we’re doing is considering what does each functional zone need. And we’re able to ask — what does this wall (or that wall… or all the walls) still need because we’ve already identified the clear functionality. #WinnerWinner

Here are a few other considerations for decorating bedroom walls.

Artwork + Hanging Objects

One of the more obvious considerations for decorating a bedroom wall is where can we place art. Does art make sense over the bed? What about around a seating arrangement? 

And once we’ve determined “where” art makes sense… we’re now considering what style of art inspires you. For some of our clients, that’s a really introspective question 🙂 it could be landscapes, family portraits or abstract paintings with original brushstrokes.

Whatever it might be in the end — art has the power to stand alone as a focal point or fall in line with a collection of other pieces of furniture in your room. 


We design interiors around biophillic principles which means we’re often finding inspiration for color from nature. That said, the emotional impact of color especially in a bedroom is very real + it takes time to truly consider the use of colors that create a positive energy in your home.

BUT regardless of time, color is absolutely one trick-to-our-trade to simply dress up the walls of a bedroom without overdoing or stealing from the focal point.


Another simple + often overlooked way to decorate a bedroom wall, i.e. create a focal point, or simply add a subtle nod of elegance to all the walls in a bedroom is through the use of wallcoverings. 

Wallcoverings are particularly great because they provide the benefit of adding color but they can also provide a visceral feel or texture to your walls. 

Millwork or Architectural Features

Very similar to focal points, millwork + other architectural features like fireplaces or glass walls help to create an elevated + luxurious feel to your bedroom. In the case of millwork, that may be a chair rail that is along the headboard wall of your bed or it may be an entire room of floor-to-ceiling trim details.

Drapery + Window Coverings

One of the most commonly overlooked aspects of design is window coverings. From simply decorating a bedroom wall to being the show-stopping, draw-dropping iconic thing about your bedroom — drapery + window coverings are incredibly important. 

From a functional perspective, they can control temperature + light. From a design perspective, what jewelry is to your outfit… window coverings + drapery are to your bedroom. 

Drapery + window coverings are the perfect decoration for a bedroom wall. 

They have the power to make a small window that feels awkward stand on its own but they also can soften the edges of an oversized window + draw your eye towards that gorgeous view of the lake. #Impact

Well, there you have it…everything you need to know about decorating a bedroom wall.

Designing a home that you’ll not only live in but a home that’s intentional for everything you need is the ultimate love investment! It’s also an investment in time. An investment in energy. And a financial investment. But don’t forget friend, that creating home isn’t about reaching a final destination nor is it something you just happen upon.

Our homes should represent us. They should embody the things we value + what we believe. Which are likely going to change over time (because life happens, boo!)

In other words, what you really want isn’t simply how to decorate a bedroom wall but rather a bedroom that’s custom-tailored to you. A bedroom that you’re not only proud of but that gives you a moment from your day-to-day life to recharge + relax. But you also want a bedroom that empowers you to be the best version of yourself.

Which is why, in order to create a home that feels like the most comfortable part of your day, an interior designer + professional organizer at Elegant Simplicity has to consider every aspect of how you live. Because your home should feel frictionless..

Sound exhausting or overwhelming? Fortunately (or should I say, lucky for you) with a lifetime of knowledge that we’ve accumulated from first-hand experiences –– we do the hard work.

Now don’t be shy, if you’re planning your next project, let’s chat. Go on, book a one-on-one FREE 30-minute Clarity Call with us + get ready for some magic! 

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