How to turn your home into a relaxing environment

How to turn your home into a relaxing environment

Picture of a window ledge with fairy lights, candles and a small plant

Home starting to feel like your office? That’s 2022 for you, but with a bit of thought, our homes can still be places we go to unwind. Here are some handy ways to re-instill a sense of calm.

Pick up some house plants

Picture of a dining area with brown and white furniture and several house plants

Bringing the outdoors in is a surprisingly great way to reduce stress, as many discovered over lockdown. They cultivate a sense of being “away” from social or professional demands, and getting into the routine of looking after them can support your own mental health and self-care routine. If you’re worried about them withering, go for a hardier plant like a pothos, spider plant or monstera.

Book a home massage

Picture of a woman getting a massage done at home

If you live in the city, booking home massage treatments is easier than ever before, with treatments available in as little as an hour. Apps like the Urban app (available in London, Manchester, Birmingham, and even Paris!) make it near effortless – simply choose a treatment, pick a therapist near you and set a time and place. They’ll bring the table and everything they need to treat you.

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Be smart with light

Picture of a bedroom with purple coloured lighting

Studies show you can use coloured light in your home purposefully to help your mind feel relaxed. Investing in some smart bulbs with different colour options gives you a versatile way to change colours on the fly. Blue light’s most calming, but it’s best to switch to warmer hues (or even candles) in the evening to help with sleep later on.

Or play with natural light

Picture of a living room with a large window and wooden floors

Sunlight’s a proven natural tonic for wellbeing and relaxation, so it’s worth doing everything you can to bring it into your home, including installing bigger windows or skylights (those can help you save on your heating bill, too). Having lots of sunlight gives you the opportunity to play with light a little more, too. Try installing a blind or placing plants on your windowsill to cast soothing shadows across the room (google the Japanese art of komorebi for inspiration).

Use a home fragrance

Picture of three lit candles next to a plant

Patchouli, cedarwood and lavender are popular relaxing home fragrances, and for good reason: they’re light, and don’t get too sickly if you overdo them. If you’re happy for the fragrance to stay in your living room for a week or so, try a scented candle or essential oils. If it’s just a day thing, go for a room spray.

Get advice on keeping things warm

Picture of a coffee table with a book and mug and lit fireplace behind it

A warm home is a relaxing home, but with energy bills rising it’s worth thinking about smarter ways to lock the heat in than relying on central heating. A heating engineer can spot the points in your home where the heat’s escaping, and can recommend insulation on walls, ceilings or floors, as well as handy ways to stop drafts.

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