Ten Benefits of a Tile Roof in St Pete


A tile roof in St. Petersburg Florida, will give your home a sophisticated appearance. It is also extremely durable and robust. These and many other benefits make a tile roof a popular choice despite the high upfront cost.

1. Robustness

St. Petersburg is in an extreme climate zone and needs strong roofing. A tile roof can withstand hail damage and minor tree branches. Concrete tile roofs are not affected by flying tree limbs and other debris. It will also not be affected by large hailstones.

2. Durability

Tile roofs have a longer life expectancy than other roof types. It can be called life-long. This means that it will last longer than 80 years. That is the average lifespan of a human being. The owner doesn’t have to worry about his roof during his lifetime.

3. Resistant to the Elements

A tile roof can withstand rain and wind. The tiles will not be lifted or displaced by the wind. It won’t get wet or rot from rain. It is immune to heat and UV-rays from the sun. A tile roof is immune to the elements. This is why a tile roof is ideal for a St. Petersburg home.

4. Eco Friendliness

Tiles are made from natural materials. They are therefore very environmentally-friendly. They won’t end up in harmful landfills. They can be recycled. You can reuse old tiles for paving.

5. Style Quotient

A tiled roof can increase the style factor of a house. All types of architects can use tiles. You can give your home a sophisticated and elegant appearance with tiles. There are many colors and shapes available. A tile roof has a stunning visual appeal. A tile roof on a St. Petersburg home will certainly increase its curb appeal.

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