Home Exterior Trends for 2022

Most homeowners agree that the list of to-do’s around the house can pile up over the years. Between your kitchen, living room, bedrooms, and bathrooms, there’s always a project to be completed or repair to be made. When you factor in the outside of your home, you can tack on countless additional tasks, from painting to gardening to resealing your driveway.

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Improvements on the exterior of your home might seem daunting at times, but they can be beneficial in many ways. They can add curb appeal, increase your home’s value, and make it more appealing to potential buyers if you plan on selling down the road. But, remember that not every project will get you a return on investment. It’s important to know which of them are worth your time and money, along with which ones are popular with both homeowners and homebuyers this year.

To help you decide which projects to take on, here are some home exterior trends for 2022, along with some tips to help you navigate some of these updates.

Outdoor living spaces

Outdoor living spaces can attribute their increase in popularity to the clear shift in people spending more and more time at home. Rather than going out to highly crowded restaurants and bar scenes, many are opting to enjoy the fresh air and social distance in their own backyards. These backyard oases are more than just a sitting area – we’re talking about outdoor kitchens and fireplaces on top of furniture. Add a pergola to your backyard design as a lounge to enjoy regardless of harsh weather conditions, and you have extremely valuable space for homeowners. If you’re looking for a more cost-effective option, porch swings or rocking chairs can also create a comfortable outdoor atmosphere.

Natural textures

Adding natural elements is an easy way to add depth and curb appeal to your home design, as there are a bunch of different materials and methods available. Consider the type of home you own and decide whether brick, stone, copper, or wood accents would best match your style. You can incorporate them as a stone accent wall, a brick walkway, or wood trim and shutters. While acquiring these materials can be pricey, there are options like copper paint and faux stone or brick to get the aesthetic you’re looking for without breaking the bank. These accents are especially attractive to monochromatic homes, particularly if they’re all black or white.

Darker earth tones

Thinking about repainting your home or doing a siding refresh? Dark earth tones are on trend for the new year. Dark greens, browns, and neutral tones like beige, tan, and white will be extremely popular. You’ll also likely see a lot of maroons and navy blue. These tones will not only pair well with your newly added natural textures, but they will also look great with contrasting trim colors. Another color trend to consider is trim colors in the same color family as the main siding. In other words, a dark brown house with light brown trim or a light green house with dark green trim will become more common in 2022. This gives you the opportunity to try several different colors, adding more detail and a stronger color theme on your exterior. 

Exterior lighting

When spring rolls around and you take the time to freshen up your landscaping, why not shine some light on it? Exterior lighting is another expected trend that can complement your curb appeal. If you’re selling your home, spotlights can highlight some of the most attractive, well-kept features of your landscape and also help it stand out to buyers. In fact, 87% consider exterior lighting their most wanted feature in a home. So, there’s no doubt that this addition would be a worthy investment. Not to mention, this feature can also deter break-ins and up your security, which is beyond valuable.

Financial tips for exterior updates

Exterior repairs can be some of the most expensive costs associated with homeownership, especially when dealing with a roof or siding renovation, or even a pool installation, to name a few. Here are some financial tips to consider when making some of these updates to your home’s exterior:

  • Save up. Saving up your hard-earned cash is the safest way to ensure that you’re not in over your head financially.
  • Get multiple estimates. Each company will complete exterior renovations for different prices, so be sure to explore all options before making any commitments or deposits.
  • Know your options. When you don’t have cash on hand, know that there are several financing options for home improvements, like personal loans, home improvement loans, credit cards, and more.
  • Know the risks. Only commit to a loan that you can handle. If the renovation becomes too much to pay off, it can affect your credit. Bad credit can impact your ability to get financing for future projects. Further, poor credit affects your ability to buy a new home in the future, so it’s critical to make payments on time and in the right amount.
  • Create a budget and stick to it. Before you take on any projects, take a deep dive into your finances and determine how much you can afford to spend on renovations. Keep that amount to the forefront of your mind throughout the process to stay on track.

It’s important to know what’s popular with home design in order to make the best decisions regarding your home updates. Keep these home exterior trends for 2022 in mind for a wise investment of your time and money.