What You Need To Know About Broadloom Carpet

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Think carpet is waning in popularity? Think again. It currently makes up almost half of the flooring space, and it’s growing.

Is there an advantage to having carpet in some rooms of your home? Of course. It helps warm up a bedroom. It’s soft underfoot in a playroom. And it adds noise control in a media room. Carpet may be the perfect addition to your next remodel.

What is broadloom carpet?

Carpet is sold in two formats: broadloom (wall-to-wall) or tiles. The term “broadloom” comes from the process of a carpet woven on a loom, made big enough to fit inside a room. It’s sold on rolls usually 12 feet wide, but they can also be 13 feet 6 inches, or 15 feet in width.

Historically, people would hand weave carpets on a loom. A loom is a device to aid in weaving carpet, holding fibers in place on one side while fibers going the opposite direction are woven in. As manufacturing took over, they created a broader loom – broadloom – to handle carpet production on a much bigger scale.

Because broadloom is a larger size, more options are available. You’ll find rugs in a variety of shapes and sizes. And you’ll find wall-to-wall carpet in a variety of styles and patterns. Looms today are operated using technology, with precise movements that create some of the most durable, long-lasting carpets available.

What are broadloom textures?

Broadloom carpet is manufactured and sold in large rolls. What it looks like depends on the fiber texture you choose.

Loop – loop carpet is often referred to as Berber. The fibers consist of short loops woven into the carpet backing. Once in place, the loops remain uncut, adding strength for high-traffic situations. You’ll find loop fibers in commercial-grade carpets because of their ability to hide dirt well.

Cut pile – cut pile is most commonly used in residential settings. Cutting fibers make the surface smooth to the touch, giving it a softer feel people like in bedrooms, family rooms, or anywhere where they sit down and play. Its soft texture will leave footprints behind, which makes it less than ideal in high-traffic situations.

Handyman cutting a new carpet with a carpet cutter.

Frieze – while Frieze carpet is a subcategory of cut pile, it adds a twist to the fiber to make it more durable. Many homeowners choose Frieze because it keeps softness while adding durability.

Cut and loop – a cut and loop broadloom carpet combines the features of both cut and loop fibers. As the carpet is manufactured, some fibers remain looped while others are cut. This creates a distinct surface pattern that adds variety and texture to your home. Keep in mind that this texture will need to be matched if you’ll need a larger format carpet.

Installing broadloom carpet

Broadloom is almost always sold to install as wall-to-wall carpet. In residential situations, it sits on top of padding to give it more flexibility and lifespan. In commercial applications, it may be glued into place for added strength.

Broadloom is designed in specific widths. If your room is bigger or smaller than the carpet width, it will need to be fitted into place. Smaller rooms will be trimmed to fit. You’ll have leftover carpet remnants you can keep for emergencies. Larger rooms will have to be seamed together. You may have to purchase extra carpet to ensure the pattern remains throughout the room.

If you want to carpet a small space, you can ask about remnant carpet. Dealers often have extra pieces from the end of the roll that are smaller than the average room.

The benefits of broadloom carpet 

Technological advances have made today’s broadloom carpet some of the best on the market. While the benefits are many, here are a few things to keep in mind as you shop for new carpet.

Stain-resistance – what holds many homeowners back from wanting to install carpet is the possibility of staining it from the moment it’s laid into place. Red wine on a light carpet will be an eye-sore, and be noticeable from the moment it occurs. Today’s technology means the fibers are pretreated with stain-resistance products that won’t soak up liquids when spilled onto the floor. Acting quickly will pull problems away from the fibers before they have a chance to set in. If stain-resistance is a top concern, be sure to bring it up when shopping for carpet.

Eco-friendly – worried about what carpet is doing to the environment? Carpet wears out faster than other types of flooring, making it necessary to replace it more frequently. Manufacturers recognize that, and are doing what they can to produce more sustainable products. Many carpets today are made from recycled plastic bottles or fishing nets, giving you a way to make your home a little greener and reduce your carbon footprint.

Padding – while carpets are built to be softer, stronger, and more durable than ever before, don’t forget it’s the padding that can make your broadloom carpet last even longer. Some carpets take out the step of buying additional padding by having it already attached. Padding cushions the footsteps, gives the fibers extra support, and ensures the fibers can handle all you dish out.

Waterproof – is waterproof a thing? You’ll be pleasantly surprised that waterproof carpet is an option for busy households. These fibers are specially treated to make it easy to blot away any moisture that appears on the surface. The waterproof backing ensures moisture doesn’t soak through the padding and onto the subfloor. This gives you added protection against mold and mildew.

Is broadloom carpet right for you?

Still trying to decide if broadloom carpet is the right choice for you? With so many technological advances, it’s a flooring choice you’ll be proud to bring into your home.

It provides a seamless look for most rooms. Need something bigger than the average roll? Experienced carpet installers do an amazing job of creating a seamless environment.

It also gives you softness you can’t find in any other flooring. That makes it the perfect choice for bedrooms or media rooms. It helps insulate it from cold, and stops sound from traveling throughout the room.

Are you convinced broadloom carpet is the right choice for you? Stop by today and see our complete selection.

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